When mentioning the term Hydrocarbon Contamination, the first thing that comes to many people’s minds is crude oil spills. Although this train of thought is 100% accurate,  what about the contamination that is not in liquid form? There are types of contamination that are easily missed by the human eye because they are in the form of gas or vapor. Hydrocarbon vapors are the silent pollutant guilty of sneaking by until large quantities pile up.

The oil and gas industry has made great strides over the decade in regards to oil spill clean-up and prevention. With this said, mistakes can still happen and these errors can have large consequences! When it comes to hydrocarbon vapor spills, these consequences could go unnoticed for a period of time. Unfortunately, those consequences and effects can accumulate drastically in a short timeframe. On a daily basis as well, refiners, chemical plant operators, and even firefighters are faced with the need to remove flammable gasses from their work environments. Enter Bionex Technology. 

Here at Bionex Technology, believe in vapor control. We also strongly believe that the techniques used in hydrocarbon remediation methods should sprout from a natural source. All our products combat the harmful effects of hydrocarbon pollution through the use of naturally-formed bacterias. When it comes to vapor suppression, vapor venom is our go-to tool. This helps create a safer workplace for spill responders and a healthier environment.

Vapor Hydrocarbon Pollution Effects

Hydrocarbon pollution effects can be categorized into two major impacts. The first being human health impacts. The second being environmental impacts. 

First responders, oil, and gas extraction site workers, and refiners place themselves at a higher risk of exposure to hydrocarbon vapors. This rate climbs higher simply due to their surroundings. Flammable vapors and oxygen-deficient environments are only a few of the many oil and gas extraction hazards. Hydrocarbon vapors can affect the eyes, lungs, and central nervous systems of workers. It takes 30 seconds of exposure or less to cause serious damage. 

Not only do these pollutants impact human health, but they also cause environmental health to suffer. The release of hydrocarbon vapors contributes largely to the greenhouse effect. With every untreated hydrocarbon leak, our ozone layer is depleting. Implementing precautions and cleanup methods of hydrocarbon vapors goes a long way. For our health. And for our planet.

What Causes Hydrocarbon Release

Unwanted hydrocarbon emissions enter our environment in a variety of ways. This toxic release is particularly prominent in offshore petroleum installations. Around 40% of all hydrocarbon leaks are somehow related to machinery design and installation. 

Regarding machinery design, the clear way to combat this other than implementing the proper safeguards in your facilities. such as routine maintenance and a quality vapor suppressant. Installation causes are rooted in human error. Whether due to immense pressure or miscalculations, people make mistakes. Taking the necessary precautions is the least we can do to reduce hydrocarbon pollution and its effect on the environment.

Vapor Control Solutions

When it comes to unwanted hydrocarbon release, Bionex Technology offers the premier solution. Our Bioremediation experts have developed hydrocarbon encapsulation into a vapor control product. We utilize bacteria, natural to the environment, to combat these vapor pollutants. Bionex Technology remains dedicated to cleaning nature with nature. These mean, green, fighting machines help as a degassing agent on worksites.  

Our remediation method helps to limit LELs in any vessel or tank needed for maintenance and cleanup. Degassing pipelines is also a critical safety measure possible through vapor control. We understand the hazards posed while gauging, fluid transfer, and disposal on oil and well gas sites. Our goal is to help you create a safer workplace while we create a healthier environment. Choose a vapor control solution that not only cleans up your mess but helps prevent you from making one in the first place.

Degassing Work Environments

Take the next step in creating a safer extraction site and a healthier environment with Bionex Technology. Like many other workplace hazards, it is in the best interest of your company and employees to address this potential threat. Bionex Technology provides top of the line hydrocarbon remediation methods that are kind to our Earth. Contact us today to learn how you can foster a safer work environment by degassing your worksite.