Super Microbe

Oil Spill Cleaner 

Super Microbe

Oil Spill Cleaner

Super Microbe Emergency Spill Solution is a natural and completely safe non-toxic formula of selected microbes that digest organic contaminants on the ground surface and in soils. 

These communities of super concentrated microbes have the ability to effectively convert harmful hydrocarbons, oils, and greases into non-toxic compounds. When applied to a hydrocarbon spill, microbes and enzymes are introduced that accelerate natural microbial activity that drastically cut clean-up timeframes. In addition, Super Microbe will suppress harmful organic vapors creating a safe working environment for spill responders.

Super Microbe oil and grease cleaner works hard in your home! Just one 5 gallon pail is made to last for all your projects. 

Super Microbe was made to help in your home!

Remove oil stains from concrete, asphalt, stone, driveways, garages, floors, and drive-thrus

– Clean tools from oil and grease

– Clean work clothes and safety wear from grease and oil stains

– Clean BBQ’s, Grills, and the fat drippings from concrete

– Wash away most hard to remove grime from hands

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Industry pros use Bionex Technology’s powerful solvents in Super Microbe to destroy oil & grease.

One 5 gallon pail of Super Microbe oil spill cleaner will go far in your home! 55 gallon drums and 275 gallon totes are also available for our professional and business customers. For more information, contact us using the form above.


How to clean up contaminated surfaces using super microbe


1. Dilute ½ gallon of Super Microbe with 1 ½ gallons of water in a 2 gallon sprayer. Spray 6-8inches from surface to be cleaned. Super Microbe is not corrosive.

2. Allow foam to penetrate spill.


1. Dilute with water to a 5% mixture (one gallon of Super Microbe with 100 gallons of water) before applying. Apply the diluted solution with a spray or pour delivery system and mix well into the spill or contaminated soil.

2. Generally, one gallon diluted will treat approximately 10 cubic yards of soil.


Color – Light Brown

pH, 1% Solution – 7

Specific Gravity – 1.02

Odor – Distinctive

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