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Meet Our Line of Mean Green Bioremediation Products

Helping Nature by Cleaning Nature

Bionex Technology uses safe and natural options to clean media impacted with petroleum products and other harmful organic chemicals.  What makes our products unique is the super-concentrated cultures of bacteria that are at the center of all Bionex products.  From your home garage to large-scale industry clean up jobs, our patented microorganisms are the little guys that deliver huge results!


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Vapor Venom is a super concentrated hydrocarbon encapsulation product.  It suppresses volatile organic compounds while immediately reducing LELs (flammability). This is an exceptional agent to use for degassing tanks and pipelines or applying directly to the surface of a hydrocarbon vapor source during spill response activities. 

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Super Microbe

Need some help at home? Check out Super Microbe!

Super Microbe is the most powerful microbial formula on the market for emergency oil spill control.  It is a non-toxic, easy to use, concentrated liquid that naturally degrades oil contamination while also suppressing organic vapors and reducing LEL’s (flammability). Perfect for getting the stubborn oil off of your garage floor!

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Remedy is a cost-effective, multi-functioning formula of selected microbes designed to remediate petroleum impacted soils and groundwater. It contains selected microbes and a proprietary blend of bio stimulating agents that rapidly degrade hydrocarbons and other organic pollutants.

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KeSorb is a naturally derived, biodegradable industrial oil absorbent ideal for oil spills on fixed surfaces and water. It is made from the Kanef plant which creates stronger absorbent and wicking actions than other absorbent products. KeSorb encapsulates the oil particles while allowing indigenous bacteria to degrade the hydrocarbon contamination.

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Tool Wash

Tool Wash is a biodegradable heavy-duty liquid detergent that can dissolve and emulsify heavy grease and oil residue. The product can be used to clean all types of surfaces and is easily rinsed with water.

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Hammer Clean

Hammer Clean is a powerful industrial degreaser for cleaning and cutting stubborn oil, grease, and paraffin on many types of surfaces. It works quickly to remove oil stains from tank surfaces, heavy machinery, and concrete. This professional strength degreaser is even effective at reducing LELs (flammability) and reducing odors.

Bionex Products FAQs

Safe, Low Cost,  and Naturally Derived Bioremediation Techniques with Proven Results



Bionex Technology delivers live microorganisms to the food source for consuming common petroleum-based products. The bacteria quickly and efficiently degrade simple and complex hydrocarbons.


Bionex products essentially consist of a multitude of natural communities of aerobic and microaerophilic microorganisms that have been selected from worldwide soil and water sources. These microbes have been selected for their affinity for hydrocarbons, both biochemically and physically. They have the ability to effectively recycle a wide range of compounds and hydrocarbons by converting them into non-toxic components. They are not genetically altered in any way.

  • Industrial Facilities

  • Fuel Stations

  • Hazardous Materials & Emergency Response Departments

  • Fire Departments

  • Transportation Carriers

  • Refineries

  • Utility Companies

  • Oil Rig Operations (Land & Water)

  • Bulk Storage Terminals

  • Gasoline

  • Diesel

  • Jet Fuel

  • Motor Oil

  • Solvents

  • Alcohols

  • Kerosene

  • Methylene Chloride 

  • Methanol

  • Glycols

  • Waste Oil

  • BTEX / AFFF Waste

  • Acrylonitrile

  • MTBE

  • Cresol

  • Toluene

  • Oil-Based Paints

  • Crude Oil

  • Pipeline Condensate

  • Inks

  • Paint Thinner

  • Oily Sludge

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