Oil spills can occur on a wide variety of surfaces in our day to day life. Oil builds up on tools and equipment. Grease cakes up on BBQs and drips onto patios. From a leaking car in your garage to that stubborn grease stain on your work clothes, Super Microbe is the top of the line addition for your tool belt.

Bionex Technology makes safe, cost-effective, natural oil spill solutions accessible to the public. Through bioremediation, hydrocarbon eating microbes can convert harmful toxins from our ecosystem into non-toxic compounds, essentially “eating away pollutants.” This process allows for naturally formed bacteria to clean oil and grease without the need for man-made chemicals. It also helps suppress harmful vapors to create a safe environment when microbial cleaning in your home. This biodegradable eco degreaser introduces a safe, completely non-toxic cleaner to your household and family.


What can bioremediation clean up?

Bioremediation provides a safe and effective way to clean up oil and grease in your household. This technique is known to remove unwanted pollutants from soil, land, and water by professional oil spill responders and is now available for in-home use. Bioremediation is an oil spill solution that involves the use of selected microbes that can digest organic contaminants. Super Microbe is a bioremediation product for oil spills that can be applied on many surfaces in and outside your household. This makes it possible to eliminate stubborn grease and oil stains from concrete and asphalt while remaining safe to use on your skin.


Microbial cleaning in your home 

Bionex Technology can be implemented in household cleaning safely. Microbial cleaning rids your tools of oil, so they are ready for future use; and removes any grease stains from your clothes after a long day’s work. Cooking outside can leave a mess, but cleaning your BBQ or grill with microbial-based products ensures a clean cooking surface the next time burgers are on the menu. Bionex Technology offers the premiere microbial cleaner for in-home use.

Microbial cleaning to remove oil stains 

Cars and garage projects often lead to the need for an oil spill solution. Microbial cleaning removes oil stains from concrete, asphalt, stone, driveways, garages, floor, or drive-thrus with oil-eating bacteria concrete cleaner. Along with cleaning all of these surfaces, you can effectively wash away the difficult to remove grime from your hands with Super Microbe. Rest assured that this nature-based microbial cleaner for oil stains is safe for the environment, your skin, and your family.


Oil spill treatment techniques

When treating an oil spill, it is crucial to choose an effective approach. We also must educate ourselves on how these products impact our ecosystem. When an oil spill is treated with harmful chemicals, additional damage is created. Bionex Technology is committed to providing oil spill treatment that is natural and nontoxic to the environment. These microbial-based cleaning products harness the power of mother nature to eliminate the need for harsh chemicals. This blend of densely packed, natural bacteria is scientifically proven to effectively clean hydrocarbon waste without looking past environmental concerns. Communities of super concentrated microbes digest the organic contaminants and, in turn, empower nature to clean nature. 


Super Microbe is your microbial cleaning solution

 All bacteria are created differently. Some cause illness in people, while others remove unwanted petroleum-based waste! Bionex Technology exceeds environmental expectations by providing an affordable and natural product for your home.  Created locally in Houston, Texas, Super Microbe cleans oil and gas spills quickly and safely. When you have a weekend DIY at-home project or a trip to the hardware store, be sure to equip yourself with the tools you need for success. Regain hope in removing those oil stains eyesores on your driveway. Clean up your oily mess while cleaning up the environment with this emergency oil spill solution.