What is the goal of bioremediation?


The goal of bioremediation is safe, natural, and time-efficient extraction of harmful pollutants that are present in our ecosystems through the use of hydrocarbon eating microbes. The use of the bioremediation process treats contaminated media, including water and soils to help restore the environment back to its original state.

In the example below, you will see the bioremediation process in action! The process begins with the injection of Bionex’s hydrocarbon eating microbes. These small, but mighty bugs work to break down the hydrocarbon source by essentially “eating” the pollution. Effectively cycling both organic and inorganic compounds into environmentally benign components like carbon, carbon dioxide, base elements, and water. It is through this process that recovery can occur and the soil or water source can be restored once again. 

Image of Bioremediation process showing injection of microbes, the treatment process, and recovery.


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