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The Bionex Backstory – Your Local Houston Bioremediation Company

We love Bacteria!

Harnessing Mother Nature’s Power Through Bioremediation Products Created in Houston, Texas.

It may seem crazy, but we really do love Bacteria! Bionex Technology was founded in 2008 in Houston, Texas, because we saw a vital need for a safe, cost-effective, natural solution for cleaning oil-polluted soil.

Many remediation products on the market are very expensive — and often not effective. We set out to develop natural bioremedies which are safe to use, based on science and proven to work. We partnered with an incredible team of scientists including an environmental professional and a biochemist, and they discovered there are naturally occurring communities of bacteria that have an appetite for harmful hydrocarbons. If harnessed correctly, they quickly and efficiently break them down. These oil-eating bacteria literally work for food!

These microbes are the most unique and influential component of our products. We’re proud to offer a line of products that are affordable and get the job done, without harming the environment.

We harness nature’s power to help solve nature’s problems. From household to industrial use, Houston and across the United States, Bionex Technology’s bioremediation products get the job done!

Want to learn more about what we are all about? Our bugs work hard for you! Check out our blog to learn the ins and outs of bioremediation. 

Image of Bionex products being used on a job site
Image of a job site using Bionex products

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